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Experience the ultimate blend of exotic fruits and delicate florals with Sandokkaebi Aroma Diffuser Refill in Mango & Jasmine. This 200ml bottle of pure delight will transport you to a tropical paradise, turning any room into a fragrant oasis.

Immerse yourself in the tantalizing scent of juicy mangoes, perfectly balanced with the aromatic allure of blooming jasmine. Each inhale will awaken your senses and create a serene ambience, perfect for relaxation and creating a zen-like atmosphere.

Crafted with care, this refill is formulated to effortlessly fill your Sandokkaebi Aroma Diffuser with long-lasting fragrance. Simply pour into your diffuser to enjoy the harmonious blend of mango and jasmine, bringing a touch of luxury and tranquillity to your home or workspace.

Indulge in the intoxicating aroma of Sandokkaebi Aroma Diffuser Refill 200ml Mango & Jasmine and let the soothing notes uplift your spirits and transform any environment into a fragrant haven.

Sandokkaebi Aroma Diffuser Refill 200ml Mango & Jasmine

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