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Indulge your senses with Jigott Lotus Perfume Treatment! Delicately crafted with the essence of lotus, this luxurious hair treatment will transport you to a world of pure tranquility. Immerse your locks in the delightful fragrance of freshly bloomed lotus flowers, while the rich formula works its magic.

Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this 500ml potion will deeply moisturize and revitalize your hair from root to tip. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless strands, and hello to luscious, silky-smooth locks that exude radiance. The exquisite lotus scent will linger in your hair, leaving a subtle trail of elegance wherever you go.

Suitable for all hair types, Jigott Lotus Perfume Treatment is your secret weapon for achieving enviable hair perfection. Embrace the power of lotus and unleash your inner goddess. Treat yourself to this heavenly experience and witness your hair transform into a true masterpiece.

Jigott Lotus Perfume Treatment 500ml

₹1,199.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price
Taxes Included
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