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Immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of Jigott Earl Grey & Cucumber Eau De Perfume. This captivating fragrance blends the sophistication of Earl Grey tea with the vitality of crisp cucumbers for a truly invigorating experience. 

As the perfectly brewed tea leaves intertwine with the cool, green essence of fresh cucumbers, a tantalizing symphony is created. The intoxicating aroma dances on your skin, leaving a trail of elegance and distinction wherever you go.

With its 50ml size, this Eau De Perfume is a compact powerhouse that can effortlessly accompany you on all your adventures. Be it a day at the office or an enchanting evening out, this fragrance is your ultimate companion for every occasion.

Indulge in the harmonious fusion of Jigott Earl Grey & Cucumber Eau De Perfume, and let its unique blend transport you to a world of refined luxury and natural serenity.

Jigott Earl Grey & Cucumber Eau De Perfume 50ml

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₹1,199.00Sale Price
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