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This is a Non-Vegetarian product

Thick and Chewy Noodle, Coated in black Bean Sauce. Made with unique mix of flavors, got dehydrated carrots and onions and ground bean grains. East meets west with spaghetti style noodles in a mystery chajang sauce. Always fresh and tasty, no msg. Vegetarian. Fire cooked black bean sauce packet included. Certified Korean Traditional black bean sauce taste.

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Product Make Jongga
Product Origin Korea
Product UOM NOS
Product Type Non_Veg
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This is a Vegetarian.

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Paldo jjajang big bowl noodle. Soup booster for extreme picante taste. Perfect for lunch, supper or whenever you feel like, a simple, delectable treat in a bowl. Ready to eat. If you love spicy and you love the scrumptious taste of Paldo jjajang noodle, this jjajang noodle is unquestionably for you, yummy and delicious preference for Asian food lovers, Ready to eat in 3 minutes.


Wheat flour, Tapioca starch, Palm oil, wheat gluten, salt, soybean oil, acidity regulator, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium polyphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, citric acid, onion powder, thickener, water, emulsifier, green tea flavor oil.

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