Ottogi Honey Mustard Sauce 265Gm

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This is a Vegetarian product

Ottogi frying mix

Frying Mix is a mixture of flour seasoned with a variety of spices roasted rice powder, garlic, pepper, etc., which tastes great with vegetables, fishes, scallops, calamari, shrimp and chicken.

Ottogi was founded in May 1969. Ottogi’s first product was Ottogi Curry (powder curry) and it was first Korean made curry product introduced to Korean market.Ottogi manufactured soup, ketchup and mayonnaise (in 1970, 1971, 1972 respectively) for the first time in Korean history. After Ottogi was listed on the stock market in Aug 1994, its total revenue exceeded 1 trillion won(₩) in 2007 and exceeded 2 trillion won(₩) in 2017.Ottogi established China branch in 1994, US branch in 2005 and Vietnam Branch in 2007. Ottogi has affiliates such as Ottogi Ramyon Co. Ltd., Ottogi Sesame Mills Co. Ltd., Ottogi Frozen Foods Co. Ltd. and etc.

Ottogi has products such as curry, seasoning, sauce, powder, HMR, retort pouch, dehydrated food, processed grain products, fish, livestock product, Noodles, Ramen, edible oils, spices, tea and etc. Main products are Ottogi Curry, Ottogi Tomato Ketchup, Ottogi 3 Minutes Meals, Ottogi Mayonnaise, Ottogi Cooked Rice, Jin Ramen, Ottogi Frozen Pizza, Ottogi Canned Tuna

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MRP Price (Include Tax) 420
Product Make Ottogi
Product Origin Korea
Product UOM NOS
Product Type Veg
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Enjoy the spicy taste of mustard and sweet taste of honey with fried dishes or fried chicken.Matches with chicken breast salad, sausages, and varieties of fries.


Water,Vegetable Oil[IMPORTED(ARGENTINA,USA,CHINA)],Produced Mustard3(USA:VINEGAR,MUSTARD,SALT,TURMERIC,PAPRIKA),High Fructose Corn Syrup,Sugar,Fermented Vinegar(SPIRIT,FERMENTED NUTRIENT),Acacia Honey 6%(KOREA),Mustard Paste 2.5%(USA),Prepared Mustard 1.29%(MUSTARD POWDER:CANADA),Salt,Egg yolk,Citrus fiber,Xanthun gum,Mustard powder 0.4%(CANADA),Seasoning oil,Dried Molassess,Enyzme,Spice,Nutrient

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