Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup Noodles

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Shin Ramyun Cup
The perfect fun, tasty noodle snack in a handy small cup. Enjoy our Shin Ramyun Cup anywhere, anytime – after school, camping or at work. It’s an instant meal that’s ready in just 3 minutes, with the famous Shin taste - deliciously spicy, nutritious and affordable.

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The name of Shin Ramyun is from a Chinese character Shin (辛), which means "spicy". Shin Ramyun uses red and black packaging with the emphasized calligraphic word "辛". The meaning of the Chinese character is shown on the background of the package in the form of its page in a dictionary. Nongshim decided to emphasize the Chinese character Shin (辛) for their brand with a belief that a single Chinese character delivers the brand image better than hangul. Additionally, the character is the surname of both the founder of Nongshim and his elder brother, who started Lotte. Shin Ramyun was introduced in October 1986 by Nongshim. The Nongshim R&D team came up with the idea of Sogogijanguk, a cabbage and beef stew, which is one of the most popular traditional South Korean dishes.

After Shin Ramyun was introduced, Nongshim’s market share hit 46.3% in 1987, and exceeded 50% for the first time in 1988 (53.8%). With the market share of over 20% just by itself, Shin Ramyun is a leading brand of the instant noodles in Korea.

In August 2014, Nongshim revised its recipe for noodle blocks across its line for a chewier consistency, along with a revamped external packaging.

In 2007 Korea, Nongshim launched a Kimchi Flavour version of Shin Ramyun.

In 2019 Korea, Nongshim launched a Non-frying version of its packet noodle which has almost half a reduction on calories.

In 2015, Shin Ramyun achieved 28 billion units sold since it was first introduced. Shin Ramyun is listed on the National Brand Consumption Index (NBCI) as the number 1 brand in South Korea (2012~2016) for its brand awareness and brand power.

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Shin Ramyun noodles are all produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices. And they are MSG-free. So whenever you need a delicious and satisfying meal on the go, reach for the handy small cup with the great homemade soup taste.

Wheat flour (49%), potato starch, palm oil, salt.

Soup base:
Spices, salt, flavour enhancer (621), sugar, soy sauce powder, flavour enhancer (627, 631), color (150c)

Dried vegetables:
Dried green onion, dried carrot, dried mushroom, dried red pepper.

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