KoKuho Sushi Rice 10Kg

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This is a Vegetarian product

Kokuho sushi rice is perfect to make sushi rice owing to its tender and sticky texture. It provides a foundation for a stir-fry, risotto, or paella and great for rice puddings.

Kokuho Rose is the trademark and property of Koda Farms, which alone produces the pure and proprietary strain of this rice.  Koda Farms, is a third-generation family owned American company based in Dos Palos, California. The company was established in 1928 by Keisaburo Koda and the Kohuko is in use since 1962. Permission was granted to Nomura and Co., Inc. to utilize this trademark on their own variety of rice which they produce in northern California. To this day, two versions of Kokuho Rose co-exist in the marketplace.

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This is a Vegetarian product


A trusted brand of Japanese rice, Kohuko is of the highest standard for premium California rice. They offer consistently high quality for excellent value and are a favourite in restaurants and in kitchen cupboards. They offer two variations of the rice first is the brown unpolished rice, with the bran left on and the second is a polished, white version with the bran removed. The unpolished rice is branded as Kokuho Rose® Brown and is aimed at health-conscious rice lovers looking for the superior table quality of Kokuho Rose®.  It is slightly chewy and has a slight nutty flavour when cooked. It has slightly elevated fiber and nutritional content because of the bran layer being left intact. The polisehed version is branded a Kokuho Rose®. The rice is friction milled white, with a delicate floral flavor and a gently sweet after notes.

Kohuko rice is Certified Kosher (KSA), GMO-free (Non-GMO Project Verified), Gluten-free and pure unadulterated rice – with no additives of any sort.

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