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This is a Vegetarian product

KANU coffee dissolves well in cold or boiling water. Perfect instant coffee by grounding coffee beans directly, and high-quality instant coffee got from the coffee extract. Freeze-drying the coffee extracts, the taste and the flavor are kept intact. Store in a cool dry place. Excellent packing and enjoy the fresh coffee.

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MRP Price (Include Tax) 4950
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This is a Vegetarian

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 Kanu Korean Instant Americano Coffee is the best coffee. New brand idea on instant coffee bean. Incredible for the workplace or outdoors. You can feel the harmony of the rich chocolate and smoky flavor with its unique flavor from dark cooked Colombian coffee bean in KANU Colombian dark roasted Americano. Espresso refined manner, high quality coffee.

An ultra-dark French meal in instant design that manages to keep up certain traces of flavor, while avoiding the sullen burned-building character of many dark or ultra-dark roasted instants. Extraordinary flavor. Simple to utilize - simply add to some boiling water. Simple to carry around to use it anywhere.


95% instant coffee, 5% roasted coffee.



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