Dongwon Mackeral 400Gm

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This is a Non-Vegetarian product

Mackrel is cleaned so everybody can make the most of its fish taste, even with fish bone and sustenance. Made of new fish got by Dongwon's vessels (with brilliant innovation and sterilization). This fish blends well with kimchi stew, foods using soy sauce or different seasonings, and hot fish stews.


Dongwon Industries was founded in April 1969 to delve into the sea, a rich repository of food resources. Since its establishment, Dongwon Industries has been Korea’s leading fishing industry, sailing across the five oceans, and contributing to the development of food culture by offering high-quality seafood products.

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MRP Price (Include Tax) 380
Product Make Dongwon
Product Origin Korea
Product UOM NOS
Product Type Non_Veg
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Mackerels are most preferred fish in Asian nations. Here what you can see is 400g canned mackerel pike from the Korean food brand Dong Won. The mackerel Pike is also called as Pacific Saury. These fishes are secured from Taiwan and are canned with a blend of water and salt. Mackerel has been identified as acceptable nourishment for kids for DHA and OMEGA- 3 fatty acids.


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