Daesang Gochuchang Hot Pepper Paste 1Kg

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Most Korean sauces like sashimi sauce, Korean hot sauce or bibimbap sauce need gochujang as primary ingredient. It can also be used as marinade in to make flavourful barbeques, kimchi stews or spicy chicken wings. It enhances the taste of popular food items like hamburger, tacos, pork belly/ribs, and vegetables. Gochujang aids digestion as it is said to improve gut health by increasing the good bacteria. Additionally, the capsaicin from the red chillies promotes body’s metabolic activity.

Established in 1956, Daesang Corporation is one of South Korea's leading manufacturers of consumer foods, cornstarch, food additives and other corn products. They are also the country’s leading producer of MSG. They manufacture a variety of products including condiments such as hot pepper and soybean pastes, soy sauce, marinades, fish sauce, bouillon, vinegars, mayonnaise, seasonings, coffee, MSG, natural sweeteners, and the artificial sweetener aspartame, kimchi, cornstarch, high fructose corn  syrup and instant noodles.

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Gochujang sauce is a spicy, savory, and sweet condiment made from Korean red chilli pepper paste, glutinous rice, fermented soybean paste and salt aged for an optimum period. Its 100% vegetarian product prepared with natural ingredients. No additives or preservatives are added. The glutinous rice provides a mild sweetness to the sauce giving a twist to the spicy red chilli making it easy to incorporate into Korean dishes.


Wheat flour, corn syrup, water, hot pepper powder, salt, cooking rice wine, defatted soybean powder. Allergy information: contains wheat and soybean.

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