Daesang Apple Vinegar 1.8Ltr

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This is a Vegetarian product

Apple vinegar or apple cider vinegar has been an important ingredient in cooking for many centuries. Made from freshest apples, cold pressed and allowed to ferment in a natural method delivers the perfect vinegar.

Established in 1956, Daesang Corporation is one of South Korea's leading manufacturers of consumer foods, cornstarch, food additives and other corn products. They are also the country’s leading producer of MSG. They manufacture a variety of products including condiments such as hot pepper and soybean pastes, soy sauce, marinades, fish sauce, bouillon, vinegars, mayonnaise, seasonings, coffee, MSG, natural sweeteners, and the artificial sweetener aspartame, kimchi, cornstarch, high fructose corn  syrup and instant noodles.

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MRP Price (Include Tax) 900
Product Make Daesang
Product Origin Korea
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Product Type Veg
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Apple vinegar is powerhouse of nutrients that has various benefits, including antimicrobial and cancer prevention. Evidence also suggests that it might offer other medical advantages, for example, reducing cholesterol levels, supporting weight reduction, controlling glucose levels in the blood thus helping to manage diabetes. It is sour and refreshing taste, and it looks good when you make fresh dishes such as cold soup, salad and various sauces.


Apple Concentrate, Water, Sugar, Rice Wine, Yeast


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