Daesang Kelp (Dashima) 150Gm

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Dried kelp, or dasima in Korean, or kombu in Japanese, is a significant ingredient in the base stock of numerous Korean plans, giving the stock a delightful umami flavour. Kelp is sold in gigantic sheets in numerous Asian markets, just as most entire nourishments stores. Pick the thickest you can discover. Store in a cool, dry spot in an impermeable holder or zipper-lock pack. Try not to stress if the outside of the kelp has a white powder, it will make it increasingly heavenly!


It is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sale of food.The Food Business segment mainly manufactures and sells food including traditional bean pastes, seasonings, western foods, sugars, processed meats, frozen foods, fresh foods, and others.

Daesang corporation was establishd in 1956 with pure domestic capital and technology,and put efforts to practise the vision of Deasang,a company where creates a happy future with haelthy food culture for 60 years as world's  top 3 fermentation exclusive company and the best general food company in korea.
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In comes dried, in long and enormous pieces (2 to 3 feet in length and 1 foot wide) and occasionally have a white fine substance on it. At Japanese markets, it comes in littler bundles and is frequently significantly more costly.

In contrast to ocean growth/wakame, which is slenderer and looks wilted into, kelp comes in huge pieces, get over the white powder either by washing quickly in water, or clearing it off with a paper towel while cooking.

Like Miyeok, Kelp has heaps of Iodine, Calcium and Potassium and has been utilized to treat sicknesses like goitre since the medieval times. kelp is not simply delightful; it is also good for you!


Salt, monosodium glutamate, blended seasoning (salt, wheat starch, onion powder, garlic powder, beef meal, and pepper), sugar, powdered soy sauce, beef tallow, glucose, amino-acid soy sauce, beef bone stock, and corn-starch. Contains less than 1.0%: Flavormate, 5'-inosine monophosphate, stew flavour, bouillon flavour, beef stock, garlic flavour, 5'-guanosine monophosphate, onion flavour, succinic acid, citric acid.

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