Daesang Jongga Kimchi 300G

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Korean brand Chongga (also spelt Jongga) offers preserved and canned fresh kimchi dish in. Kimchi is an iconic Korean dish based on vegetables, frequently made using the ethnic cabbage variety called ‘napa cabbage’.  Chongga utilizes excellent ocean salt made by the warmth of the sun from Shinan, Korea's most renowned delivering area of the regular salt. The cut cabbages are allowed to soak the common ocean salt at low temperature, creating less salty kimchi. It is presliced to be promptly eaten and simple to convey. Mat kimchi is less hot and less salty and diminishing the kimchi's aroma.

Daesang FNF manufactures different pressed kimchi under its own "Chongga" brand, which is made with fresh and hygenice materials. Excellent raw materials are carefully chosen and processed in perfect environmental conditions that comply to HACCP while ensuring the integrity and freshness of the items are guaranteed through wide framework of cold chain system.

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Chongga maturation formula is intended to permit Leuconostoc species to effectively move to make the taste of Chongga kimchi very unique. The Leuconostoc species stalls the flavor of kimchi from souring by controlling Lactobacillus plantarum rearing, which gives an admirably matured taste of kimchi.


Korean cabbage, radish, hot pepper powder, garlic, onions, salted shrimp and anchovy.


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