Daesang Essential Salt 280Gm

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Korean ocean salt is acclaimed for high concentration of minerals and incomparable taste without harshness.

Established in 1956, Daesang Corporation is one of South Korea's leading manufacturers of consumer foods, cornstarch, food additives and other corn products. They are also the country’s leading producer of MSG. They manufacture a variety of products including condiments such as hot pepper and soybean pastes, soy sauce, marinades, fish sauce, bouillon, vinegars, mayonnaise, seasonings, coffee, MSG, natural sweeteners, and the artificial sweetener aspartame, kimchi, cornstarch, high fructose corn  syrup and instant noodles.

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Product Make Daesang
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Coarse ocean salt is a basic ingredient in making fermented Korean food, for example, soybean glue, soy sauce and kimchi. Likewise, it is used to salt fish or meat when barbecuing and to clean some seafood like clams. Coarse salt is comprised of larger crystals of salt as compared to refined salt. It is a lot saltier than different sorts of salt, for example, table salt or Kosher salt. Sea salt is utilized in brining, tenderizing, fermenting, and now and then to season clear soups, some vegetable side dishes, barbecued fish and meat. For instance, when making Kimchi, coarse salt is utilized to salt nappa cabbages since it dissolves more slow than the refined salt, so the saltiness is consumed bit by bit and adds a certain texture to the kimchi. Likewise, the higher substance of minerals and water in ocean salt accelerates osmosis, permitting a quicker and progressively effective fermenting/brining procedure. 

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