Daesang Chongga Kimchi 1.2Kg

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Chongga kimchi can be served with a number of Korean delicacies; however it is an incredible complement for soups. Chonggak kimchi tastes best when it is all around aged since the radish can be bitter and spicy before maturation.


Daesang FNF manufactures different pressed kimchi under its own "Chongga" brand, which is made with fresh and hygenice materials. Excellent raw materials are carefully chosen and processed in perfect environmental conditions that comply to HACCP while ensuring the integrity and freshness of the items are guaranteed through wide framework of cold chain system.

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This kimchi is made with chonggakmu—little, firm, and fresh Korean ponytail radishes with delicate green stems. The radishes, along with the stems, are tenderized or salted and left to mature. The mix of crunchy radish and delicate yet wonderfully chewy stems makes this kimchi delicious. The zesty kimchi blend is normally made with a thick rice flour paste that is mixed with chilli flakes, minced garlic and ginger, and flavoured, for example, with anchovy or fish sauce.


Ponytail radish, rice flour, Korean pepper flakes, fish sauce, green onion, ginger, garlic, sugar, sea salt, water


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