Cj Dasida Anchovy Soup Stock 1Kg

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This is a Non-Vegetarian product

People at korea make many kinds of soup, it is tastier to use meat or vegetable stock instead of just water.To make stocks, Koreans often use anchovy or kelp. However, anchovy is quite expensive and it can be a bit hassle to use (trimming the head, tail and organ etc), so they sometimes use powdered anchovy instead.

 ‘DASIDA, God of Cooking‘was launched by CJ CheilJedang in 2017. They specialise in producing items that can aid cooking without needing any other condiments. The company conserves the taste of Korea with a greater variety of products.

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MRP Price (Include Tax) 2230
Product Make CJ CheilJedang
Product Origin Korea
Product UOM NOS
Product Type Non_Veg
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This is a Non- Vegetarian product

This product contains Dried anchovy, Refined salt (domestic), seasoning seasoning powder (Chinese) [L-glutamate sodium (flavour enhancer), glucose, refined salt, corn starch, dried garlic powder], seasoned anchovy powder [anchovy (domestic), starch syrup, refined salt ( Domestic), enzyme], glucose, anchovy extract concentrate [anchovy base concentrate (anchovy: domestic), maltodextrin, refined salt (domestic), Jimmy, DL-alanine], anchovy powder (anchovy: domestic), anchovy concentrate powder (anchovy) : Domestic), Corn starch, Smoked anchovy powder (anchovy: Domestic), Flavour enhancer 1, Palm oil, Katsuobushi powder, Anchovy flavours, Seasoned pepper powder, Flavour enhancer 2, Baked onion flavours, Flavour enhancer 3, Citric acid, Tashima extract powder.


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